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This page is dedicated to the memory of Lisa Reed's mother, Florence Josephine Tontarski Reed, who passed away on 2/14/2011. RIP.

The block currently housing Cafe' Mira was built after a fire consumed much of the east side of Main Street in the year 1865.  Those businesses destroyed by fire were replaced one at a time by various builders, until the building to the south of Cafe' Mira (now a parking lot) was built in 1892 and called the White block.

Early documents indicate that Frank Williams purchased the Fox Drugstore c. 1928. Williams then sold the business to Harold Glazier in 1934.  Glazier  was previously employed at the Edward Clark Drugstore (now Cafe' Mira) from 1920 to 1934.  Glazier decided to purchase that drugstore, too, and in 1937 merged the two busnesses into one. 

Well known Adams residents employed at the drugstore (now Cafe' Mira) location were; Ross Vroman (eventually a partner in the funeral home), Gerald West (grandfather of Nancy Kendrick), and June Toleman, to name a few.

During their employment at the drugstore, lore has it, Vroman, Toleman and West were assigned the task of washing the upstairs windows of the balcony area of the drugstore.  While upstairs, the three discovered boxes of "mature" ladies clothing, which they donned.  From here; there are two versions of the story as told by current and former Adams residents;

1.  After washing the drugstore windows, the three of them proceeded to parade down Main Street in their
newly discovered garments as they washed all of the windows on both sides of the street.

2.  The three refused to wash the windows at the drugstore, and proceeded to parade down Main Street in
their newly discovered garments; washing every window of every business on the street.

At some point after the merger of the two businesses, Glazier joined the B.O. Kinney chain of Gouverneur.  In 1947 Glazier moved the business to the other side of Main Street and named it Glazier-Kinney Drugs.  It was also the year 1947 when Glazier sold the vacant drugstore (now Cafe' Mira) to Stanley Appliances, which was a downtown Adams merchant until 1950.  It was at this time that Mr. Stanley merged the business with Toleman & Peck Hardware and the corner of South Main and Liberty Street.

Memories conflict as to the exact history of the White Block during the 1950's and 1960's.  Many in Adams
insist there was once a jewelry store there.  There are memories of a clothing store, as well as a bicycle shop.
Documents show Bob's Auto Supply, Campany's Jewelry Store, and a used bookstore, to name a few.

Moving forward into the 1970's up to the present other businesses that gave it a try were; K & M Variety Store, which was run by Mike and Kathy Stoner, who eventually relocated next door.  The Stoners sold to Lewis Brown, and daughter Karen, who ran a home decorating business - selling wallpaper, shades, fabrics, etc. for home improvement.

In 1989 the building changed hands again, this time being sold to Gary Smith and Jody Garrett, who sold it to Terry and Maria White.  The White's operated Brava Restaurant in this location from 1997 - 2002.  The Bodines then obtained ownership and ran a restaurant there beginning in 2004.  In 2008 they leased the business to Lisa Reed and Lori Wells, who opened Cafe' Mira.

History repeated itself the evening of April 28, 2010 when fire struck Cafe' Mira.  According to the Jefferson County Journal of May 5, 2010; "A Tuesday night fire, reported at 8:36 PM, caused extensive smoke and water damage to the Cafe' Mira restaurant on the east side of Main Street in dowtown Adams.  The fire was believed to have originated from an overheated fan above a cooler in the kitchen area.  It took fireman only about fifteen minutes to bring the blaze under control but black smoke was billowing from upper story windows broken out by firefighters to ventilate the building.  The Adams Fire Department used their aerial ladder truck to place fireman on the adjoining roof of the Custom Ink Tattoo Parlor.  Smoke also filtered into the apartment of Mathhew Bettinger over the former Adams Pastry Shop.  No one was injured and the building was insured, fire officials noted.  The restaurant hadn't been open since the previous Saturday."

On February 13th, 2011 in an E-mail communication, Lori Wells confirmed the cause of the fire was wiring in a dishwasher.

Wells and Reed were devastated by the amount of destruction from the fire, but proved to themselves and everyone else; "nothing is impossible!"  Seven months after the fire, Reed and Wells repopened Cafe' Mira.  The two completeley remodled the inside paying attention to the history of the building, but offering some spectacular modern comforts and conveniences.  On February 5th, 2011 Lisa and Lori became the proud new owners of 14 Main St. in Adams, NY.

The following pictures of the restaurant are courtesy Cafe' Mira owners Lisa Reed and Lori Wells .

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The information and pictures on this page are possible due to the generousity of Sue Herse and Lori Wells.  Thank you!
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